Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sum It Up Sunday 5/18/14

This was my most successful eBay week so far. I feel like I have a good momentum, and seeing that it really is true “the more you list, the more you sell” - and I’m seeing that on average eBay gives back what you put in.

Some of this week's best sales include this new but open Amana Dado Blade Set, I think it was probably a display model. This is a tool that attaches to a table saw and makes wide grooves in wood. My husband bought this at an auction for $40. He already has one, and knew that it was worth way more than $40. I’ve had it listed for several weeks, waiting for the right buyer.

Sold BIN for $179.99 Free Shipping. Shipping cost $9.90.
So about $129 profit before fees. I would have never known to buy this,
thank goodness my husband recognized the quality brand “Amana.”

I sold the last of my valuable TY Beanie Babies this week. Slither the Snake 1993 Beanie - I’ve had him listed since the first week I started eBaying back in February. I have had several offers on him, but finally accepted one this week.

Sold with a best offer of $100 with free shipping (small flat rate box).
I’ve had him for twenty years, but assume he was a $5 toy back in ‘93.

I also sold a couple items through the Global Shipping Program. Including this vintage Swing-A-Way Ice Crusher in avocado.

So cool! With the original box, and the mechanism that suction cups
the crusher to the countertop still works.

I paid $4.75. I listed it with a starting bid of $16.99. That was the only bid it received, and of course I was hoping for more than a $12 profit. But I mention it in this week’s summary, because this buyer paid over $50 to have it shipped through the GSP to Israel! So for them, this was a $67 purchase.

I hope you had a great week of thrifting and eBay sales! Are you participating in the GSP? Have you had any sales through the program yet?


  1. Hello,
    I am a new seller and opened our store last week. I placed several items with GSP , Ebay recommend we do free shipping to Kentucky. Do you know how you can list that on your item?

    1. You click free shipping the same way you would on a regular domestic listing. (The buyer will pay eBay for the international shipping charges)If you offer free shipping it means that if the buyer leaves feedback you will get an automatic five star rating in that category.

      If you are offering Free Shipping, make sure that you weigh the item and estimate shipping costs so that you don't end up upside down on the sale. (I made this mistake 2 or 3 times before I really understood shipping costs).

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thank you for responding. I have alllready made the mistake too:(... But I am learning. Thank you for clearing it up for me!

  2. Great sales:)...thank you for sharing !

  3. Hi. I'm enjoying your blog. Do you have a quick list of beanies we should keep an eye out for? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for the idea, look for a post about Beanies tomorrow!!

  4. Can I just say how much I love the idea of "Sum It Up Sunday!" I may have to follow suit and use that on my blog as well as a way to recap things that go on that I don't quite know how to put in a blog post.

    ...on a sadder note, I had no idea "Slither" was so valuable. If I did, I wouldn't have put him back on the shelf at today's estate sale. He's was only $1....