Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 5/24/14

Saturday my husband and I took advantage of my Mom being in town and went yard sailing without the boys. While out, my husband with his sharp eye, saw an envelope in box marked “EVERYTHING $0.25” - and inside was an awesome old collection of stamps!

Stamps from the US, Kuwait, Spain, France, Netherlands, Iraq, and more... 

My Mom has been collecting stamps since the 70’s so we knew we’d give them to her. She was really excited because the envelope contained these two stamps from Ceylon (like the tea).

Sideways stamps.

Of course we had to look up Ceylon, because although it sounded familiar, we weren’t sure where or what it was. We found out that it was a British colony from 1815-1948, and is now the country of Sri Lanka. So these stamps are at least from before 1948! We did look them up on eBay, and they are worth about $10-$20, but we have no intention of selling them.

We also went to a huge "Science Fiction Yard Sale" which apparently is an annual event on Memorial Day weekend. About fifteen vendors participated and it was set up in someone's yard. There were lots of science fiction books, action figures, autographed pictures, comics, etc. I don't know enough about science fiction, to have felt comfortable buying anything for resale.

While there I met Rebecca, owner of Ripping It Down. She makes awesome magnets, pins, key chains and more with recycled magazines and comic books! Her etsy shop is on vacation right now because she is doing several live events, but she said please message her if you see something you'd like. She does custom orders too!

Ripping it Down booth at the Science Fiction Yard Sale
 I bought myself a very cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles keychain.

It was kind of a slow week on eBay, I didn’t list very much, and most was BIN. I was busy getting ready for our guests this weekend, so didn’t expect much activity.

My most exciting sale of this week was this Realistic transceiver (two way radio). I bought it for $9.98, thinking it was something else that I saw in the comps on eBay, that sold for much more. Turned out I was wrong, and this exact model was selling for about ten dollars.. Uh oh.

Luckily this sold this week for $29.99 plus shipping,
I was happy because I was afraid I had made a $10.00 mistake.

Another fun sale was this vintage Levi’s shirt which I paid $3.75 for.

Woodland print vintage Levi's polyester shirt.
Seeing this photo now, I should have let it hang some more... a bit wrinkly.

It sold for $9.99 with only one bid, not great but I more than doubled my money, so I'm not too upset.

I hope you’re having a great memorial day weekend, spending time with loved ones, and feeling grateful for the time you have with them. I know I am feeling truly grateful to have my family together this weekend. Please remember all the military service members who are not with us any longer, and the sacrifices they made for our country.

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