Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shopping Retail is Painful

Yard-saling this weekend was okay for eBay, but great for the household.

As far as eBay resale stuff, I hit one yard sale full of NWT shoes and clothing. Along with a few other items, I got these new Merrell cross trainers for $2! What a steal. I have them listed BIN $29.99.

Merrell Mont Mavis

We found a bunch of things (that we actually needed) for us to keep, including; a new to us kids Huffy for $5, a portable Webber grill with stand (for camping, picnics, etc) for $12 (retails for $150), and a Kenmore upright freezer for $150 (retails $500). I’ve been searching for an upright freezer for the last year. We purchased this one at one of the three estate sales we went to Friday, and picked it up yesterday. After deals like this why would I ever want to pay retail again?

It’s painful paying full price for something that I know I can find at a thrift store if I am patient.

However, last week I went to Target and Old Navy for a couple summer clothing basics. I had my second son in November, and I’m not back in my old clothes yet. I do thrift many of my clothes, but I was having a hard time with the post baby body shopping, and kept ending up with clothes that just didn’t fit exactly right. So, off to Target and ON I went. It was so hard for me. Everything seemed SO expensive. I have to admit I actually paid $24.00 for a shirt, and although I love the shirt, and have already worn it several times, I cringe thinking about that price.

Have you found that thrifting for resale has made you more frugal?


  1. Wow, what a great deal on those Merrill shoes! Yup, it's gotten harder to shop retail. I'll see something and always think I can get it for cheaper at the thrift store or will wait to find it at a garage sale. If you have FREECYCLE in your community, it's also a great place to find things. Last year, I was very lucky to get a FREE upright freezer that was almost new!

  2. i just cant bring myself to shop retail except for underwear , its not just the fact that im always hard up its the guilt i cant live with. If i won the lottery i would still thrift

  3. I had to buy some shoes retail and it was super hard. Even things on sale seem high!