Wednesday, May 14, 2014

She Got the Magnets in the Divorce

Recently I came across a gallon Ziploc of magnets at my favorite thrift store. The bag was about five bucks plus 20% off. I got home and went through the magnets, imagining the fridge they came off and the family who’s life they represented.

I frequently find myself doing this. Making up the history of my find, and feeling joy when it gets relocated to someone who will really appreciate it.

Anyway, perhaps because of the “his and hers” mail clip magnets in the lot,

I started to think the previous owners must be a divorced couple, who went to Paris on their honeymoon,

and a tropical island every year for their anniversary.

They traveled all over the US on summer vacations, always sure to pick up a souvenir magnet in each different state.

The husband loved to golf,

and the wife, well she loved to collect magnets.

And one of them was a Virginia Tech Alum.

This magnet is a vintage Virginia Tech Hokie Bird.
He looks totally different now.

My mom happens to teach at VT and I called her and told her about the magnet. I told her if it didn't sell I would send it to her. Then, I listed it at auction for $0.99. It sold in a bidding war for $15 dollars plus shipping!  So far I’ve made a little over twenty dollars on the bag of magnets. Not a huge flip, but so fun to see the bidding war on the Fightin’ Gobbler! Also, had I known the popularity of vintage rubber magnets I would have parted out the states instead of selling them in a lot. I sold them for only $4.99.

Has the selling price of any of your small items really surprised you?

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