Friday, May 23, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday 5/23/14

Some of my fave thrifted finds of the week...
3rd Place
Temptations by Tara Presentable Ovenware 
lasagna casserole dish and serving tray with wire carrier
Purchased at Salvation Army for $12.00
I actually didn't find a sold comp for this. But I have one in blue and I LOVE it. I know it is worth more than $12.00, and it's one of those items that if it doesn't sell I can gift.
2nd Place
Madeline's House Game
1995 by Ravensburger
Purchased at DAV Thrift for $0.45!!!
(complete except for the little plastic stands for the Madeline game pieces)
Two of the same are listed right now for an average of $30.00 on eBay.
I have not listed mine yet. I'm excited for it's potential!
Best Score of the Week
Lot of Playmobil - Purchased at CHKD Thrift Store for $15
(there is more I just posted my favorites here)

The dentist set is almost complete, it is missing only one book,
pretty good for used Playmobil that is twenty years old.
What were you best finds of the week? Do you find you're yard saling more with the spring weather? Are the thrift stores starting to look bare?

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  1. Nice playmobil find! I've been garage sailing more the last couple of weeks now that the weather is cooperating. I don't think the thrifts have been any different. I think at the end of a garage sale people donate a lot to thrift stores because they want to get rid of it. Monday and Tuesday are probably good days to thrift.