Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Clothes Clothes Everywhere

In Feb, I had success selling lots of my son’s clothing on eBay. So when I saw a CL ad for someone selling their daughter's 0-12 month wardrobe, I went and checked it out. I bought seven Tupperware totes of clothing, 95% of it was in EUC. It was all name brand, so I thought I would list in individually. I opened a store on Bonanza and spent lots of time photographing, organizing, and  waiting… and waiting… and waiting.. checking my shop stats, and waiting some more. Hundreds of views later and zero sales, I turned my shop off, and switched back to eBay. I sold the clothes in LOTS of lots, with a few individual shoes and dresses here and there.

This past weekend, we had a yard sale, and I sold the last of the EUC stuff. Everything else went to the SPCA thrift store, and I was glad to see the rest go. Storing and organizing clothes is a pain!!! I will not be purchasing a large lot again, but appreciate what I learned.

In the future I will continue to sell my boys’ clothing in lots on eBay, and on Lot-e-da, a site I discovered along the way. I have some lots listed there, and have had some success. The listing process is fairly involved, but you know the clothes will be EUC if you’re buying. Their owner Anna, is extremely helpful. Lot-e-da, launched in January and is building momentum. So share with your friends and fellow resellers, there is a great site now for selling gently used kids clothing.

Have you had success with other selling sites like Bonanza?

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