Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bocce Ball Disappointment

While I am out thrifting I always keep an eye out for my family as well. I’ve gotten my teenage sister several cute dresses for cheap cheap cheap. I got my grandmother a cobalt blue pear, and my step mom lots of drinking glasses for her collection.

But when I came across a complete bocce set (think marbles and croquet combined and played in the grass or dirt), I was flooded with warm memories of playing the game with my parents as a kid. I was so excited, I could create those memories with my husband and boys! All at thrift store prices!!!

I went to check out, and the bocce set didn’t have a price tag. Most stores will just make up a price on the spot, but this thrift store is HUGE, I mean HUGE, and they don’t have time to be lenient with policy. The manager refused to sell it to me. I begged, and pleaded, and was practically on the verge of tears. (Very dramatic I know, but my parents are divorced, and I think the memories of playing the game with them had a big part in the disappointment I felt here).

“But I really, really want it! I promise I didn’t take the price off!” I pleaded with the manager. He pointed to a sign on the counter NO EXECPTIONS! and growled, “Check back Monday” and dropped my bocce set behind the counter.


I left, and thought to myself: I am NEVER coming back here. But alas, I was there again, the next Thursday (20% Military discount day), because it is my favorite thrift store, and they have amazing prices. Also, I realized I was overacting a bit, and I checked ebay for a bocce ball set.

Some fun flips from the above mentioned thrift store:

Tommy Bahama 100% silk Hawaiian shirt bought $0.60, and sold it a week later for $9.99.

Far Side mug bought for $0.26 and sold it for $16.99

And this Far Side mug bought $0.99 and sold it for $29.99 free shipping.
Have you ever ended up similarly disappointed? Or become attached to a thrifted find?

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